Laugh and fall down dead from the truth - Home Brewed and Lethal

Reviewed by Susan Stanford, Linq - Vol. 25, no 2
At their best the new poems convey clear, easily accessible clusters of images. Sometimes these have the playful vividness of haiku Read Review

Home Brewed and Lethal

Reviewed by Judith Rodriguez - Hobo, Issue 19
In the late seventies Burke gathers voice. "Morning glory" - delighting in the riotous life of a humble garden - and "I feel lousy" attest not just to her continuing capacity for the teasing, changing tone that copes with whatever life dishes out in surprises or slog, but her ability to sustain a diatribe, a paean, a discussion, a story. Read Review

Sloeberry Gin - Home Brewed and Lethal: New and selected Poems
April, 1998

Reviewed by Beate Josephi, Australian Book Review
Burke's Home Brewed and Lethal spans more than twenty-five years of work. Encompassing seven different volumes, the book surprises by its unity, and by its avoidance of repetition. Read Review

Pirouetting on a precipice - Poems of the Blue and White Mountains

Reviewed by J.S. Harry – Southerly p 208/9, 1/62
The stunning visuals of precipices interact with the language of the poetry. It is easy to fall from an edge, whether of language or mountain. Read Review

Colleen Z Burke: Pirouetting on a precipice - Poems of the Blue and White Mountains

Reviewed by Kerry Leves Published Overland, No. 162
An unpredicted delight. . .These poems of landscape and sky are unpretentious yet subtle and so tautly - written they seem to crackle with energy: Read Review